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Guaranteed Artwork

Guaranteed Artwork is a great way to have your troublesome images touched up professionally by one of our experienced graphic artists! From basic blemish retouches to extensive head swaps, our guaranteed artwork services are a sure way to enhance your images to meet both you and your clients expectations.

How To Order:

To order one of our many Guaranteed Artwork options, select the "Image Options" tab under the "Options" section.

Turn Around Time: 2 - 4 additional business days


Artwork Feature
Basic Blemish Retouch $6.43 per head
Extensive Blemish Retouch $17.52 per head
Remove Glass Glare* $15.60 per head
Red Eye Removal $6.43 per head
Head Swap** $25.71 per head
Eye Swap** $25.71 per head
Soften Tan Lines $6.43 per person
Whiten Teeth $6.43 per head
Tone Down Facial Shine $9.00 per head
Basic Stray Hair (Not Covering Eye) $6.43 per head
Extensive Stray Hair $12.85 per head
Remove Braces $44.99 per head
Soften Moire' $12.85 per file
Custom Cropping $6.43 per file
Advanced Color Correction $6.43 per file
Profile Mismatch $6.43 per file
Studio Logo $1.29 per file
Custom Artwork (15 minute min.) $1.63 per minute
Convert Color Profile $6.43 per file
Re-Canvas Image $6.43 per file
Noise Reduction $6.43 per file
Extensive Noise Reduction $12.85 per file
Archive Artwork to CD $4.99 per CD

* Applies only when glare is less than 25% of lens surface not covering pupil.
** Must be similar in exposure and positioning.